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The Place
There is a place in my mind where flowers bloom and dreams come true
It’s a place uninvaded by thoughts
Where time stands still... and emptiness fills
Its a place that I remember
When the thrashes of life put my back to the wall
And if sad and sullen embers
Penetrate my sight in the place
There is light

In the ongoing seasons of change
Its stays the same... it will never change
Because its real and its constant and it’s true
I just close my eyes and there it lies
In a haven of greener pastures
Where the problems of life seem frivolous and few
And in the face of grave disasters
The place is alive and will always survive

It shows me the meaning of grace
It shines on my face when I enter the place
And it gives me all the things that I need
Like a surplus of jars for capturing stars
And I know I can always go there
I just turn off the clocks and go for a walk
And I greet all those that I know there
Who stepped out for a moment to meet at the place

“The Place”
“Letters From My Alter Ego”recorded in San Juan, Puerto Rico (1986) Bob Albanese: Piano, vocal, body percussion, Fwee, Kazoo, bass, Melodeon, composition

REGISTER PROPERLY come election day.

”Election Day” MSM Jazz Orchestra, Justin DiCoccio director; Bob Albanese: Melodion, composition

Hindu word Dharma To quote Wilkipedia:

“In the context of Hinduism it refers to one’s personal obligations, calling and duty”

And from an interesting site called

The word Dharma is derived from the root DHR- to hold- and its etymological meaning is ‘that which holds’ this world, or the people of the world, or the whole creation from the microcosm to the macrocosm. It is the eternal Divine Law of the Lord. The entire creation is held together and sustained by the All-powerful Law of God. Practice of Dharma, therefore, means recognition of this Law and abidance by it. That which brings well-being to man is Dharma. Dharma supports this world. The people are upheld by Dharma. That which accrues preservation of beings is Dharma. Dharma leads to eternal happiness and immortality. That which is Dharma is verily the Truth. Therefore, whosoever speaks the truth is said to speak Dharma, and whosoever speaks Dharma is said to speak the truth.

Señor Bear.

”Senor Bear” from “The Love Within” Recorded in Haula, Hawaii 1995;
Bob Albanese: keyboards, vocal, composition, and a stellar cast of 1000’s

Café Simpatico “, was the name of the group that I led for the Kennedy Center Jazz Ambassador’s program. We did a series of concerts throughout the Balkans in 2003. The Cool Café idea occurred back in year 2000 when I met my then soon to be wife.

IMG_5130Here we are together... That’s her on the left... ;~)Old family pics 05

My paternal Grandmother, Mama Lucia. She was one of a kind.

Samba Esperança (Portugese for “hope&rdquoWinking

Samba Esperança... as played by the Cincinnati Conservatory Philharmonic
Bob Albanese: composer, Rick Van Matre: conductor

It’s a dogmatic
Smörgåsbord out there! Hey... Fuggeddabouddit!! When there’s no room for forgiveness... it’s a Catastrophe Show:

”Catastrophe Show”; Bob Albanese: piano, vocal, composition; Dmitri Kolesnik: bass Jimmy Madison: drums, engineer, production

"People, I just want to say, you know, can we all get along? Can we get along?”-Rodney King

My maternal Grandmother believed everything happens for a reason... but she also read the newspaper religiously and I know how silently her heart weeped. She dealt with it in her own way... she used dry wit. Not a bad tactic. Sometimes when she would say “it’s meant to be”, it would drive me crazy. But I have to admit, she had some great sayings that would somehow put tragedy into some kind of tolerable perspective. She say things like “If you’re born to be shot, you won’t be hung”.

If if was a horse we’d all take a ride were her words too... She had a great sense of humor. Lived to be 93. She was a calm, courageous and funny woman. I called her “the silent thunder”. For a little Granny livin’ down by the river in Jessup, PA... she was full of world wide wisdom.


Read any good books lately? I’m just finishing up George Carlins memoir entitled “Last Words” and another book by Stephen Prothero entitled “God is Not One”. The Carlin book is funny and insightful, as to be expected from Carlin. I find it interesting how much I can identify with his background. He grew up in an Irish Catholic family in NYC. My mothers side of my family is Irish Catholic. There are a lot of commonalities I might like to talk about later on. The Prothero book is about the eight great religions of the world... I haven't read too many books that really identify the core aspects of each of the Big 8 (Christianity, Islam, Confucianism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Yoruba (African), Judaism, Daoism)...and pinpoint their important differences. He points out, very astutely, the way that each of these front line belief systems addresses a different problem and solution. In Christianity, the problem is sin the solution, albeit salvation is forgiveness. In Taoism, the problem is constraint and the solution is freedom, in Islam the problem being pride and the solution being submission, etc.  He even touches on Atheism calling it "the way of reason". He sure does give you a lot to think about.
Peace meets west?

"I am a devout musician"- Charlie Parker (when asked what his religion was)

Peace Y’all. Be blessed, whatever that means to you.